Buddy Toys Kitchen Case Delux


SUITCASE DELUXE KITCHENETTE: from 3 years. ? Easy to assemble, ideal for traveling. ? Accessories 25 pieces, can be cleaned in the case on wheels. ? Size: 63 x 53 x 25 cm. Children have the urgent need to imitate adult activities.They develop their psychomotor skills, learn, but have fun. The ideal toy that promotes child’s “professional” playfulness is the Kitchenette in a suitcase with a stand and wheels.Various accessories include 25 pieces.Everything is made of high quality and durable plastic.A kitchen of dimensions 63 x 53 x 25 cm is easy to assemble, can be easily disassembled and cleaned in a suitcase, so it is also suitable for traveling, vacations and excursions. Suitable for children from 3 years.?

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