Lamart Bag + Pump Vacuum 45X70cm


Diameter : 45 x 70 cm

Material : PA + PE

Colour : Silver

The vacuum storage bag provides ideal protection to clothing and textiles against dust, moths, moisture or odours.

The storage bag is anti-bacterial and contains an air-tight seal and a suction valve for all types of standard vacuum cleaners.

The storage bag has a strong foil that guarantees a long lifetime and enables repeated use.

You will save up to 80% of storage space. The non-return valve prevents air from leaking out.

Suction pump made from plastic.

Material: PA + PE.


Spread out the vacuum bag on a firm mat or on the ground. Open the air-tight seal and insert the contents. Then close the seal using the runner and check that the contents inside the storage bag are approx. 5 cm from the edge of the seal. Screw out/tilt open the vacuum valve cap, apply the vacuum cleaner or hand pump and suck out the air ? we recommend approx. 70 ? 80%. Use the cap to secure the vacuum valve. When removing the contents, open only the air-tight seal. The product may be washed using a damp cloth. In the event of damage, do not use the product. Keep the storage bag out of children’s reach, away from fire, the heating or sharp objects. Children, food or animals must not come into the storage bag.

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