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I’M THE SHP 6201RD CLIPPERS WITH A RELIABLE MOTOR : I make sure my work is always done as well as as possible, which is why I am equipped with a powerful high-speed motor that is quiet and highly reliable for a long time. Sencor put a lot of work into my overall design and made a handsome body for me, which holds both the motor and high-capacity battery, allowing me to work for an excellent 45 minutes after charging. Plus, my curves are ergonomically shaped for easy handling, even when your hands are wet. I OFFER EXCELLENT MULTIPURPOSE FUNCTIONS : I want to do more for you than look after your hair cut! I have a fine array of accessories with which I replace several machines in one,and for a great price. My titanium blade ensures the quality of the cut to achieve optimum results right from the first stroke. Come cut your hair, beard, nose and chest hair with me. I HAVE THE FOLLOWING ATTACHMENTS : 1. Attachment for nose hair removal. 2. Beard trimming attachment. 3. Standard hair clipper attachment. 4. Full-width attachment. 5. Beard trimming adjustment. 6. Hair trimming adjustment. MAIN BENEFITS : Power source mains/battery. High-Speed Motor. Titanium blades. 6 CHANGEABLE ATTACHMENTS. Nose Trimmer. Facial Shaver. Standard Hair Trimmer. Full Size Trimmer. Facial Hair Height Regulation. Body Hair Height Regulation. FUNCTIONS AND PROPERTIES : Ergonomic handle preventing slipping in the hand. Battery operating time 45 minutes. Full Charged Up in 8 Hours. Blade width 41 / 32mm. ON/OFF switch (on/off). Option to trim without the comb attachment. Graphic cutting length indicator. LED charging indicator. Integrated Ni-Mh Battery. DIMENSIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS : Length of the Power Cord : 170cm. Weight : 119g. Dimensions (H?D?W): 150 ? 39 ? 41mm. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION : Power : Network/Aku. Replaceable attachments : ?. Number of attachments : 6. Specified for : HAIR-BEARD-BODY. Operating time (battery) : 45 min. Height : 15 cm. Width : 4.1 cm. Depth : 3.9 cm. Colour : Red. Weight : 119 g.

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