Sencor Hand Blender Violet


I’M A SENCOR HAND BLENDER WITH A QUIET 800W MOTOR : I enjoy the top performance of my motor while working and I am also pretty quiet. I have food preparation under control while speeding up the overall cooking process. I can be used in three different ways – mixing, whipping and chopping. 6-YEAR MOTOR WARRANTY : For great results I am equipped with a high quality and powerful motor. If anything goes wrong, Sencor has a six-year motor warranty. I HAVE A ROTARY SPEED CONTROL AND A SWITCH FOR TURBO : I am very easy to use! I can be set at several speeds without having to turn me off. My speed is regulated by a handwheel at the top of the handle, which is ergonomically shaped to fit perfectly in every hand. Sencor even equipped me with a Turbo switch, with which I can reach maximum power in a short time, e.g. for crushing ice. I MIX ALL KINDS OF GOODIES : Several attachments can be attached to my handle. One of them is my head for mixing. I can mix absolutely anything, snacks, soft fruits and vegetables. I can mix tasty, creamy soup even while it is being cooked or any drink for refreshment or fitness. My stainless steel head is equipped with six quality knives, which are also stainless and have a titanium surface. The high quality of knife manufacturing minimizes the loss of vitamins, minerals and fiber during mixing. I WHIP EXCELLENT CREAMS : With the whipping head, I can conjure up a delicious whipped cream, whisk egg whites, various dessert creams, great homemade mayonnaise or light shortcake or sponge dough for perfect cakes. It’s so simple! In addition, the whisk is of high quality and made of stainless steel. I HAVE PREMIUM CHOPPING SKILLS : Just place the handle on my chopper and the show can start! The chopper has its own stainless steel knives, with which I can crush / chop virtually anything. Any tougher foods ranging from meats to hard cheeses, fruits and vegetables. I can make flour from nuts and crush ice. I can regulate the whole process according to the required consistency, e.g. coarse, fine, porridge, slush. I’M ABSOLUTELY SAFE ON EVERY SURFACE : I come with two bowls. Bowls for mixing and chopping with a capacity of 700 and 500 ml. These bowls are equipped with a smart anti-slip pad that can be used in two ways. 1. The pad can be placed under the bowl and holds it firmly in place during mixing, whipping and chopping. 2. The pad also serves as a lid. It can be used to close the bowl and store food in the refrigerator. FUNCTIONS AND PROPERTIES : Active Speed Button. 6-YEAR WARRANTY for Motor. TITANIUM 6 Blades with ICE Crash. Power Input 800W. Accessories: 700 ml Beaker with Lid, 500 ml Chopper, Whisker. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION : Colour : Purple. Power input : 800W. Ice crusher : ?. Power : Network. Continuous control : ?. Container capacity : 0.7 L. Container material : Plastic. Attachment material : Stainless Steel. Turbo mode : ?. Whisk attachment : ?. Height : 48.8 cm. Width : 6.8 cm. Depth : 6.8 cm.?

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