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I AM THE SENCOR SRM 2800SS RICE COOKER AND I COOK ALL KINDS OF RICE : Leave the rice cooking up to me! I am the SRM 2800SS rice cooker and I work automatically without the need for mixing assistance or watching the time. My main characteristic is preparing rice exactly as you like it. Nowadays, there are a broad array of types of rice and you can be sure that I can prepare each of them perfectly. Do you like basmati rice, jasmine rice, whole grain rice or sushi? Just choose the right proportion of water, press one button and that’s it!. TAKE RICE COOKING TO A HIGHER LEVEL : Did you know that you can add different herbs and spices to the rice cooker for a better flavor? Let your imagination work and choose the right spice for the scented rice that goes with the food you are preparing. I cook delicious rice, even if you add a teaspoon of curry powder, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, or the stem of any herb. MY VOLUME OF 2.8 LITERS ALLOWS ME TO PREPARE A NICE PILE OF RICE : In a high-quality 2.8 l non-stick container, I can prepare 2.3 kg of rice for several people at once, or a nice portion of rice for sushi. Due to the non-stick surface of the cooking vessel, the rice does not stick to the bottom or the walls of the vessel and its subsequent maintenance is very easy!. DISCOVER THE BENEFITS OF THE KEEP WARM MODE. You already know that the rice I cook is soft, delicate and simply the best. I can also set the ideal time and temperature for cooking rice. And when I finish cooking, I automatically switch to the KEEP WARM mode to keep the rice fresh and warm for a period of 6 hours. SPECIAL POT FOR COOKING RICE : It works on steam cooking principle. The outer body is made from stainless steel. Volume : 2,8 l. Appropriate for cooking all types of rice including rice for Sushi. Automatic shut off. Glass lid with an opening for the release of excess steam. Easy cleaning. Indicator lights for cooking and the keep warm function. Anti-slip feet. SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES : special spatulas for rice, rice and water measuring cup. DIMENSIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS : Power input :1000 W. Dimensions (width x depth x height) : 350 x 320 x 260 mm. Weight : 3.1 kg. Voltage and frequency : 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz. Electric Pots & Rice Cookers. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION : Material : Stainless Steel. Interior surface : Non-stick surface. Volume : 2,8 l. Colour : Stainless Steel. Height : 26 cm. Width 35 cm. Depth : 32 cm. Weight : 3000 g.?

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