Sencor Stand Mixer – 800W


I’M A GREAT KITCHEN HELPER WITH AN 1000 W MOTOR. I will delight every household, and with my sophisticated design, I’m simply handsome! My motor is very powerful and I can even handle very thick ingredients with it. I HAVE THE SENCOR SMART POWER & ENERGY FUNCTION TO ENSURE THE BEST SPEED. I?m sure we can agree that the quality of the food processor speed is important for the BEST results. That’s why I’m equipped with the Sencor Smart Power & Energy function. It gives me the best speed with a gradual start, which I comfortably control with six speeds on the rotary control, which is very elegantly backlit. I OVERSEE THE ENTIRE OPERATION WITH SMART LED LIGHTING. Great visibility at every step! My LED lighting is located at the rotating head and it starts up whenever I stir, whisk or knead. MY ACCESSORIES ARE OF A VERY HIGH QUALITY! I can work up to 1.6 kg of dough even for a large family in a stainless steel 4 L bowl with a handle. The bowl is made of high quality stainless steel, which is durable and does not absorb any odors or aromas, making it ideal for processing all types of ingredients and for dishwasher washing. My container also includes a transparent lid with an opening for adding food products during operation! I knead, wipe, whip and stir with four interchangeable heads. I will save you a lot of work and most of all the effort in the kitchen! Flexi kneading whisk – It has a special rubber attachment, thanks to which I can work the finest doughs and creams. Flexi whipping balloon whisk – The special shape and construction of the whisk allows me to make fluffy egg whites, perfectly whipped cream, but also home-made mayonnaise or dressing. Kneading hook – Dough for fragrant homemade bread or perfect Italian pasta. With the kneading hook, even the thickest doughs are a piece of cake for me. Stirring whisk – I can make any kind of fine dough for a perfect cake like from grandma, for pies and more. WITH THE PLANETARY KNEADING, WHIPPING AND MIXING SYSTEM, I DO A TOP JOB! All contents of the bowl are always perfectly mixed without any lumps or residue, and without work on top of that! All you have to do is put the ingredients you need to process in me, set the speed, and I will work the dough, cream, whipped egg whites and topping of the highest quality! The head rotates in both directions simultaneously, and that is the whole magic of the planetary system. It’s just great! SAFETY IS MY PRIORITY! Sencor equipped me with three safety features that guarantee safe handling even at maximum power. 1. I will never start if I am in the tilted position on account of the locking latch. 2. L have built-in anti-slip paws at the bottom of my body for perfect stability. 3. Overheating protection is a matter of course! Extremely powerful 1000W motor. Sencor Smart Power & Energy ? for optimal speed. 4-litre stainless steel bowl with measuring scale. 4 attachments for kneading, beating and light doughs. Special FLEXI kneading beater suitable for fine doughs, Special FLEXI Whisker Suitable for whisking one egg. LED blending bowl light. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION : Power input : 1000 W. Container capacity : 4 L. Container material : Stainless Steel. Kneading : ?. Whisking : ?. Chopping / cutting : ?. Grating : ?. Meat grinder : ?. Juicer : ?. Mixer :?. Citrus juice press : ?. Display : ?. Speed control : ?. Impulse switch : ?. Storage compartment : ?. Noise level : 86 dB. Colour : Silver.

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